Turning Waste in freight logistics into Intelligent Assets

Ponera Solution Reusable
Modular Industrial Packaging

Modules of different sizes attach to each other from any direction to create any required surface area.

Easy, and fast assembly and disassembly.

High load capacity for heavy duty cargo transportation and high handling convenience.

Optimal stacking, for Lean Warehousing and efficient transport for empty modules.

Pairing with connectivity devices (coming soon):
→ Efficient circular economy
→ Effective use of digital solutions

Extended life-time

100% recycled

(operators & goods)

Traceable (IoT)

Cost Effective

Multiple Patent App.

Have a measurable impact

With Ponera modules easily reduce wood consumption, transport weight, and CO2 emissions. With the help of the Ponera mobile app, show your impact!

Real case example from a Ponera client:

Wood Pallet vs. Ponera Pallet

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